Lawn Mowing

When it comes to cutting your lawn we know it can become a chore. But with our fast, clean, and reliable cutting skills we can wash those worries goodbye. Stop dreading about mowing the grass, we would love help make your lawn look its best. Using the newest technology and equipment, your lawn with have the neighbors in awe with its clean stripes and designs.

Spring / Fall Cleanup

Our job is to prepare your lawn for the upcoming season. We will remove any fallen leaves and branches even in the toughest areas to promote the growth of your lawn. Our spring and fall cleanup services will allow you to feel confident in your landscape as the seasons change.

Snow Removal

When the winter weather rolls around, you want a company that is not only dependable but effective. This comes from new equipment, quality training, and thought-out planning. You can count on Campbell’s Complete Landscaping to ensure a safe and clean driveway when that winter weather hits

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Mowing height is so important. While mowing your lawn short might seem like a good idea because you can go longer between mows, this allows the perfect opportunity for weeds and grassy-type weeds to invade the lawn, as well as cause your lawn heat stress in the hot summer months. In addition, this can promote lawn diseases to occur. We recommend mowing your lawn no shorter than 3.5” with sharpened blades, while not removing more than 1/3 of the grass blade on a single cut.

Annuals grow for one season, and then die when the weather gets cold. Perennials grow for multiple seasons, and regrow every spring after being in dormancy during the winter.

The basics of watering are simple. Water immediately after planting, let the water soak into the soil, and then water again. During the first week, it’s best to continue frequent watering — either daily or every other day. Following the first week, you’ll only need to water two to three times per week depending on the weather conditions in your area.


Whether or not you hire a professional is up to you, but paying meticulous attention to your lawn will provide a multitude of benefits. It’ll give you a great space for your family to enjoy, increase the value of your home, provide oxygen to the environment, and cool down the area around your home.

An established lawn will also have a deep root system that controls erosion, runoff, and the purity of water that is funneled into the groundwater supply. Healthy lawns can trap the dust and impurities that we want to keep out of that.

There are many benefits, including:

  • Helping the soil retain moisture
  • Contributing to soil health as the breakdown of the mulch happens over time
  • Blocking the sunlight to pesky weeds, helping to keep them at bay
  • Repelling insects, depending on the type of mulch used
  • Controlling soil erosion